Modern life can be hard on our furry friends...

Stimulate Your Dog And Ease Anxiety

at mealtime or anytime!

This keeps my dog busy and I can tell she is so much less anxious all day long!

Mandy P.


Reasons To Love


Tires Out your Pup

Sniffing requires serious brain power! In fact, 15 minutes can burn as much energy as 1 hour of walking.


Reduces Stress and Anxiety

The act of sniffing creates happy hormones in your dog that boost their mood and promote calming & relaxation!


Fits Your Daily Routine

Seamlessly swap out your dog’s food bowl for our stimulating feeder mat - no added time or prep work required!


Slows Down Speed Eaters

The added challenge of a feeder mat can prevent health issues from scarfing down food too quickly, such as bloat.

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Stimulating Feeder Mat

Engage your dog’s mind and nose during feeding time with an added mental challenge.


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Looking for added enrichment during mealtimes? The Stimulating Feeder Mat is an easy way to make mealtimes more engaging and keep boredom (and destructive behaviors) at bay! 

Designed to engage your dog’s natural foraging instincts, the mental workout of sniffing can tire out the most hyperactive of pups - in fact, 15 minutes can burn as much energy as one hour of walking!

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  • Ingredients


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