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5 reasons why thousands love this all natural calming kit

1. The Ultimate Foraging Mat for All Dogs

Our durable, dog-safe foraging mat caters to all canines. It provides a mentally-stimulating, rewarding experience that naturally calms your pup. Watch as your clever companion explores and puzzles their way to treats, turning mealtime into an engaging, anxiety-reducing activity. 

Fun fact: 15 minutes of foraging fun can burn as much energy as a 1 hour walk!

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2. It’s easy to clean and built to last

Crafted with an innovative, water-resistant material, this mat is a breeze to clean. Simply rinse with cold water, spot clean as needed, or toss it in the washer on a gentle cycle for a thorough clean.

3. All-natural ingredients

Give your pup the best nature has to offer with our all-natural chews - free from artificial additives, preservatives, and fillers, ensuring a wholesome and guilt-free treat for your four-legged companion.

Reggie’s Calming Kit is specially made under the guidance of vets to soothe the wildest, the yappiest, and the neediest.

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4. It’s feeding time as nature intended - preserving your pup’s true personality.

Preserve your pup’s unique character while providing endless entertainment by combining our foraging mat with all-natural chews. Unlike harsh medications or sedatives that can dull their spirit, this all-natural duo encourages their instinctive behaviors and keeps their true personality shining through.

5. 100% vet-backed fun for your furry friend

Provide your pup with a engaging playtime experience that’s both vet-approved and science-backed. Our foraging mat and all-natural chews work together to create a mentally stimulating activity that satisfies your dog’s instincts while fostering overall health and happiness.

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The Anxiety Busting Routine

Promote calm and nurture your pup’s well-being with our engaging foraging mat and all-natural, vet approved chews that soothe and relax.

Encourages relaxation through engaging play

Backed by science and approved by veterinarians

Supports well-being with healthy, stress-reducing chews

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Size Details


20in x 20in




nylon, oxford fabric


The Calming Kit Designed To Restore Your Dog's Calm

Designed to work together, the calming kit is the ultimate combo for doggy relaxation.