Calming Spread

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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I give my pup the Calming Spread?

Whatever way your pup enjoys! Smear the Calming Spread on a lick mat, put it in a Kong, or give it straight from the spoon. Use daily or as-needed for anxiety. Provide 30-60 minutes before stressful events.

How much Calming Spread should I give my pup?

Check your jar for our suggested serving sizes! We recommend giving no more than double the serving size on any given day.

Does the Calming Spread contain Xylitol/preservatives?

Nope! Our Calming Spread is made with natural peanut butter and is preservative-free.

How many calories are in the Calming Spread?

95 kCal per tablespoon.

The oil separated in my Calming Spread - is this normal?

Since our Calming Spread is preservative-free, oil separation is natural and expected! Mix well before serving. Refrigeration and/or storing the jar upside down can also help prevent separation.

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